Christmas Food and Supply Drive for “Pets in Peril”

By December 1, 2014Hospital News

This time of year always brings up thoughts of things we are thankful for, of the blessings that we have in our lives, and of those who may be less fortunate than us.  While we may spend our holidays with family and friends, to many in the Flint area, it’s just another day in the city, because they just can’t afford anything extra.  Sometimes, that “something extra” ends up being the family pet.

That’s where a very special group of volunteers comes in that help support the dogs, and ultimately their families, in the lower income areas of Flint.  “Pet’s in Peril” is a program started by the local animal rescue group, PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving).  Volunteers not only take food, dog houses, straw, and water to the outdoor dogs, but they also arrange for medical care for those pets in need.  Their life may not be ideal, but volunteers do what they can to help make them more comfortable.

Since Pets in Peril relies solely on donations, we’d like to help them to be able to continue to assist the pets and families of Flint.  From December 1st through December 25th, Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital will be having a drive to get Pets in Peril the food and supplies they need. There are two ways you can donate: 1) Go to their Wishlist, select an item to purchase, and it gets shipped right to Pets in Peril, or 2) Go to any local pet store and buy an item for donation off their list and drop it off at the hospital.  A Pets in Peril representative will be picking donated times up regularly during our drive.

Pets in Peril’s biggest need right now is food, both canned and dry dog food, and the rolled up rawhide retriever rolls.  Straw is another need, especially with the cold weather this time of year.  The straw helps to insulate the dog houses, which helps keep the dogs warmer and more comfortable.  If you have straw or dog houses you would like to donate, you can contact Pets in Peril through their Facebook page or contact Edith at (810) 767-6366 or though her email  If you are not sure what to get, a gift card to a local pet store like Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, or PetsMart is always appreciated, too.   Here are some of the items they use regularly:

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As an added bonus, Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital wants to do something for our clients who donate to this worthy cause.  If you are a fan of our Facebook page, look for the post pinned to the top of our timeline, regarding the Pets in Peril Christmas Food and Supply Drive.  When you purchase an item, post a picture in the comment section.  Every client who posts a picture of their donation (of the item, or of their Amazon purchase) will have their name entered into a drawing for a gift basket full of fun and tasty things for your pet!  Not on Facebook?  Don’t worry, you can still be entered into the drawing when you drop off your donation at the hospital.  So, let’s get busy in this season of giving and help support this program that assists so many animals in Flint!

**Donating is not limited to clients only, but the winner of the gift basket must be able to pick it up, in person, at the hospital.


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