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Welcome to Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital!

Your local veterinarian in Swartz Creek, Michigan! We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for our clients in Swartz Creek and the surrounding areas!

We understand that your pet is an important part of your life, as well as your best friend and companion. At Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital, we understand the bond that you and your pet share, which is why we are committed to treating you and your pet with care and compassion, and offering a balance of time-tested and up-to-date veterinary techniques.

Swartz Creek Veterinary Hospital is a full-service, walk-in and appointment based hospital. We want to make sure your pet is able to see one of our veterinarians, when needed, without having to wait for an appointment, but for those that like the structure of appointments we offer those, too.

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Professionally written articles updated by practice experts and reviewed by practitioners to bring you the most up-to-date high quality client information.

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We always welcome new clients and patients to our full service veterinary practice in Swartz Creek, Michigan.

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ePet Health

Keeping track of your pet’s records, learning about your pet’s medical care and communicating with our hospital has never been easier with ePetHealth!

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